Starting with Edinburgh

My first article on travel was about the New Year in Edinburgh. I lived in Edinburgh for about a year. During that period I had a chance to discover quite a lot of it. Edinburgh is a very popular travel destination, there are tourists all year round.

Specially in August and December city gets crowded with visitors from all around the world. In August there is a Fringe festival taking place. Musicians, comedians and many other gifted people demonstrate their talent on the stages of Fringe festival.

The New Year’s Eve is quite different and amazing experience in this city. Hogmanay is Scotland’s New Year Festival. Torchlight Procession is the most astonishing part of this festival.


Thousands of people carrying a torch follow the “Vikings” to the Calton Hill. At the top of the hill all torch carriers drop their torches into a huge bonfire. 

You can read more on the link: New Year in Edinburgh.

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