I spent most of my life in Baku, Azerbaijan where I was born, and lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for one year. So far have visited over 10 countries, mostly in Europe. I love travelling. I prefer low cost travels, mostly, staying in hostels and sometimes couchsurfing. What interests me in places I visit is the PEOPLE and CULTURE of locals. And of course, FOOD.

I travel with my colorful canvas backpack. I sew flag patches from the countries I visited onto my backpack.

One of the reasons why I prefer staying in hostels over hotels is meeting new people. People who prefer experiences over possession and comfort. Just like you.

Open to new adventures. I try to visit at least two new countries I haven’t been before every year.

I speak English, Russian, Turkish and a native speaker of the Azerbaijani language.


I am a Human Resource professional. Have a BSc in Management, MSc in Human Resource Management and MBA in Operations Management. Worked in Hospitality Industry before starting a job at an Investment Company. I do like sports, reading books and learning new things.